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Introducing Espresso To Go Cafes

Since 2001, Espresso To Go Mobile Cafes have delivered quality coffee to customers around Australia. Collectively, our franchisees serve thousands of cups of delicious coffee each week.

Thanks to our vans huge success Espresso To Go has now expanded its franchising operations to include site cafes. Our first cafe opened in 2012 in Brisbane.

We believe cafes should be warm, comfortable and inviting environments where our coffee lovers can either spend an hour with friends, or grab the best coffee in Australia in seconds. Quality is our most valuable asset when it comes to firstly attracting and, more importantly, keeping a great customer base. Quality coffee and quality food, even the simplest dishes need to be worth coming back for.

Every customer is our favorite, so it is our customer base that determines in which direction a cafe will function at its optimum. Commuters, early risers, late risers, shift workers, office workers, families, coffee mum’s and dad’s, weekend sport – takeaway, eat-in or a little bit of both, opening times – all these influences will determine food style, staffing and hours.

At Espresso To Go Cafes, the simple fact is that quality is our signature. Quality training produces quality franchisees who produce quality products. We love great coffee, we love our people, and we are invested in their success.

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A Full Franchise for around half the Price

Our franchises are affordable. Rather than paying up to $700,000 for a coffee shop or cafe, you will pay $90,000 to $310,000 for your Espresso To Go Cafe franchise.


We provide world class cafe operation and barista training. Our training course includes 3 weeks in class and ongoing in-store training with no time limit. The cost is included in the price of your franchise.

Try Before You Buy

With an Espresso To Go Cafe franchise, you’ll literally be able to try before you buy. If, after your three week training course, you decide that a coffee franchise isn’t for you, you will receive all your money back minus legal costs and a training fee ($15,200).


A Short History of Australian Coffee

Although coffee arrived in Australia with the First Fleet in 1788, our country’s coffee culture had its genesis in the post-war era.

During the 1950s, Australia welcomed an influx of Italian refugees who introduced espresso coffee to their new home. These migrants soon set up cafes serving coffee like in the old country.

Fast forward to the 21st century, and coffee drinking and cafe culture are now an integral part of the Aussie lifestyle.

Australians may be a diverse people, but these days, we are united by our shared love of coffee. Professionals meet with one another to discuss business over an espresso, mothers catch up for a cappuccino and a chat at their local cafe, and tradies grab a take-away coffee on their way to work. Across the nation, you will find people drinking and enjoying a delicious cup of coffee together, from the inner city to the suburbs, along the beachfronts, and in the bush.

Australian coffee consumption has boomed and continues to rise, and local family businesses like Espresso To Go Cafes have grown as they continue to cater to this increased demand. Thanks to Australia’s insatiable taste for coffee, now is one of the best times for you to join our cafe family and become involved in the Australian coffee industry.